[FoRK] obama at the texas book depository

Joseph S. Barrera III joe-ml at barrera.org
Sun May 25 08:22:48 PDT 2008


Here in Dallas, those memories were raised in conversation after 
conversation with several of the 17,000 people who came to see Mr. Obama 
at a rally last week.

“Right around the corner is the John Kennedy Memorial; everyone all 
around me was talking about it,” said Imogene Covin, a Democratic 
activist from Dallas. “In the back of my mind, it’s a possibility that 
something might happen because he’s something to gawk at right now. But 
you know why I think he will be safe? He has a broad range of people 
behind him.”

That afternoon, Mr. Obama’s motorcade passed Dealey Plaza and the Texas 
Book Depository building, where the fatal shot was fired at President 
Kennedy in 1963. Several campaign aides looked out their windows, 
silently absorbing the scene.

Not so for Mr. Obama, who later said he had not realized he was passing 
the site. And no one in his car pointed it out.

“I’ve got to admit, that’s not what I was thinking about,” he said. “I 
was thinking about how I was starting to get a head cold and needed to 
make sure that I cleared up my nose before I got to the arena.”

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