[FoRK] What we're reading (with the kid as an excuse)

Ken Meltsner meltsner at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jun 2 06:19:30 PDT 2008

Mythological hijinks in the modern world: Percy Jackson find out just
how "special" he is, starting with a Kindly teacher.

Rick Riordan's series about Percy's adventures is defintely a good
read for smart kids (and formerly smart adults). Hits all the usual
themes for good kid lit, but without condescending. Yes, grownups
familiar with Greek mythology won't be surprised by most of the plot
twists, but both my wife and I (and our 12 year old, who probably
knows more than most adults about the Greek gods) have had a great
time with these books.

I could see this series getting a bit stale after a few books, but the
first two were great.

The writing is suited to smart 2nd graders and up; I'd guess the books
are targeted at average 6th graders since the main character is in 6th
grade at the start.  If you're reading the book to your kid, one data
point indicates that it's enjoyable for a gifted first grader.

If we can get the 17 year old to try the series, we'll have the first
book that was read by the whole family since the last Harry Potter.

Ken Meltsner

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