[FoRK] The story behind No-bama's Soviet-style iconography

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Mon Jun 2 15:57:54 PDT 2008

> Times change, and so does meaning.
> These days, leather jackets and black fishnet stockings doesn't  
> necessarily
> mean you're into S&M.

(it probably just means you're in some kind of hunting lodge for rich  

and if one can believe Wikipedia, the network was so afraid of the  
"fonz" character from "Happy Days" that they very reluctantly told  
the producers that perhaps it would be OK if he wore a leather jacket  
— but only in scenes that actually involved a motorcycle.  Said  
producers, being hip rebels, at least for their times, promptly  
responded by making sure there was a motorcycle in *every* Fonz scene  
— even indoors.


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