[FoRK] What Happened

Joseph S. Barrera III joe-ml at barrera.org
Mon Jun 2 23:49:46 PDT 2008

Stephen Williams wrote:

>  If you're on FoRK and you can't read this, I'd like to know.  I bet
>  anyone who reads enough can read it just fine.  I can read it at
>  almost full speed.

Yeah, I'd say I read it at 95% of full speed.

I can definitely read upside-down at full speed.
90 degrees at 80% speed. Other angles are slower.

I wonder how e.g. Chinese-first-language ESL folks do.
Are English words ideograms? Tolerant of rearrangement?

How readable is English if you don't stick to the first/last letter order?
D'i ovle ot wokn eht swnare ot ttha.

- Joe

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