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Damien Morton dmorton at bitfurnace.com
Thu Jun 5 17:12:32 PDT 2008

There was a great TV show in Britain where they took various BNP and 
assorted white supremacists and did a DNA test on them.

Hilarity ensued as there people claims to purity were thrown out the window.

Didn't make a dint in any of their world views, of course.

On 6/6/2008 10:06 AM, Jeff Bone wrote:
> On Jun 5, 2008, at 6:01 PM, paul wrote:
>> The old man thinks for a moment, and says, "I want Genghis Khan
>> resurrected. I want him to re-unite his mongol hordes, march to the
>> Polish border, and then decide he doesn't want the place and march back
>> home."
> Have I mentioned that my wife enrolled me in the National Geographic 
> Genographic survey for my birthday last year?  (Stay with me, there is 
> a punch line.  Sort of.)  They take a tissue scraping of the inside of 
> your cheek and partially sequence your genome to identify your 
> "haplogroup."  You do the sampling at home yourself and send it off, 
> it's keyed with a random string ID so you're anonymous, you check back 
> on the website and use your ID to access the test results.  Basically 
> they're looking to match you to (and flesh out) major, mapped lines of 
> descent going back to ur-humans.  You indicate which chromosome you 
> want read --- 23 X or Y, indicating whether you want to know about 
> matrilineal or patrilineal heritage.  (If you want both, you've got to 
> get two separate kits.)
> So I finally got around to doing the test and sending it off in 
> February;  it took until May to get the results.  My results were a 
> bit of a surprise;  I'd asked for my X chrome to be read, but they did 
> the Y instead for some unknown reason.  My Dad's family is primarily 
> Scottish from just a couple of generations back, with a smattering of 
> other western Europeans.  My mom, on the other hand, has enough 
> Cherokee in her that I could have qualified for a full ride at UT on 
> that basis, and has some Austrian Jewish ancestry as well (odd mix, I 
> know.  Little bit of English and possibly Portuguese in there, too.)
> However the survey identified me as being part of "haplogroup c3" on 
> my Dad's side.  That's "descended from Genghis Kahn."  Going back to 
> the ur-humans, that means out of Africa, a bit of mix-in from Papua 
> New Guinea, then all over central and east Asia.  Normal migration 
> paths up and around and then down the west coast of North America.  
> Nary an indication of migration through Europe, much less Scotland, in 
> my Dad's apparent lineage.  So that's quite a mystery.
> About 1 in 200 male humans alive today is descended from Genghis Kahn, 
> but apparently those are mostly concentrated in central and east Asia, 
> where the rate is as high as 1 in 10 males.
> So I've got that going for me.
> Perhaps this explains my predilection for small fur hats and my 
> frequent dreams of horses and violence. ;-)
> Anyway, I think this is an awesome program and urge anyone who has an 
> interest in such things to check it out, and help do a little science 
> in the meantime:
>   https://www3.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/
> jb
> PS - I've also decided that all future challenges to my authority in 
> any sense will be met simply with "I'm Genghis Kahn, dammit!!" ;-)
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