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Thu Jun 5 17:30:54 PDT 2008

Appears there are valid security reasons for even the ACLU getting tor 
under wraps, kind of, sort of - no direct, and certainly no PROMINENT, 
links to tor from the ACLU pages. Still, there have to be some legal 
mechanisms for lawful privacy, before we all start quoting Federalists 
and voting for Barr in the fall.

paranoidlinux seems to be a bit of a hoax, though?

-Venki (just because you are paranoid doesn't mean we're not laughing at 

Tom Higgins wrote:
> As if there was not enough reasons to use paranoidlinux on your
> xboxultra.....
> http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/06/isp-spying-made.html
> "An internal British Telecom report on a secret trial of an ISP
> eavesdropping and advertising technology found that the system crashed some
> unsuspecting users' browsers, and a small percentage of the 18,000 broadband
> customers under surveillance believed they'd been infected with adware.
> The January 2007
> report<http://www.wikileaks.org/leak/bt-phorm-report-2007.pdf>(.pdf)
> -- published Thursday by the whistle blowing site Wikileaks --
> demonstrates the  hazards broadband customers face when an ISP tampers with
> raw internet traffic for its own profit. The leak comes just weeks after
> U.S. broadband provider Charter Communications told users it would be testing
> a technology similar<http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/05/charter-to-inse.html>to
> what's described in the BT document.
> The report documents BT's partnership with U.K. ad company Phorm, which
> specializes in building profiles of ISP customers, then serving targeted ads
> on webpages the user visits.
> >From late September to early October 2006, British Telecom secretly
> partnered with Phorm to let the company monitor and track 18,000 of the BT's
> customers. Phorm installed boxes on BT's network that redirected web
> requests through their proxy server.
> Those boxes inserted JavaScript code into every web page downloaded by the
> users. That script then reported back to Phorm the contents of the web page,
> which Phorm used to create ad profiles of a user. Additionally, Phorm
> purchased advertising space on prominent web sites, showing a default ad for
> a charity. But when a user who had previously looked at car sites visited
> one of those pages, he instead got an advertisement for car insurance."
> -tom(and yea, there is a real world paranoidlinux project out there...but
> tor is not the whole answer)higgins
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