[FoRK] The story behind No-bama's Soviet-style iconography

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Fri Jun 6 03:06:10 PDT 2008

> if you want it different,
> then we need to get rid of this style of demoracy and have something
> else. perhaps an approach where everyone takes a more long-term view.
> i.e. all candidates together plan out the next 20 years and we approve
> it, then certain people from both sides are selected to implement it.

The swiss (who have been messing around with this democracy stuff  
since, oh, 1291) referendum system is similar to this idea.  Some  
amazingly small number of signature is required to get a proposal on  
the ballot; once a popular initiative is entered, the government  
(composed of people from all* major parties, not just "both") comes  
up with a counterproposal, and at election time (I'm not sure, but it  
seems like a couple of times a year; done on a weekend for worker  
convenience), the people then vote for (a) the initiative, (b) the  
government's proposed solution, or, the most common, (c) to leave  
well enough alone.

I'm not sure what the cause and effect is between the swiss political  
system and the swiss mentality, but I am sure that the swiss are much  
closer to 20 year timeframes than the americans.  For instance, the  
swiss fairly regularly vote on how much to tax themselves.  I doubt a  
300 CHF rebate during a period of high national expenditure would fly  


* not strictly true at the moment, but this is the political story of  
the year and may be just a temporary aberration.

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