[FoRK] Beberg's "wealth manager / SHTF" fantasy

Jeffrey Winter jeffreywinter at xefer.com
Thu Jun 12 17:38:42 PDT 2008

>> Here's my synopsis:  "Man and boy heading down road.  Cold.  Raining.   
Ashes everywhere.  Hungry.  About to starve.  Find food.  Hide out for  
a few days in abandoned building.  Find some new stuff.  Not  
starving.  Head down road.  Meet bad guys.  Escape bad guys.  Lose  
some stuff.  Find evidence of cannibalism.  Meet weird guy.  Move  
along.  Flashback.  Kill somebody.  Lather, rinse, repeat several  
times.  Kid gets sick.  Kid gets better.  Head down road.  Get to  
beach.  Muck about on beach.  Dad gets sick.  Dad dies.  Kid finds  
other survivors.  Don't know if they're good guys or bad guys.  Maybe  
kid will get eaten.  End." <<

I thought the book was fantastic actually.  I always recommend McCarthy
if people are looking for something to read, but always warn them it's
not for everyone.  I truly can understand why some people don't appreciate
his work.  

Your synopsis while technically accurate of course doesn't capture the 
poetic, hypnotic quality of his prose.  I don't think anyone can capture 
the poverty and sublimity of a depopulated xeriscape quite the way he can.
actually, for McCarthy, the ending is actually rather redemptive.  You 
should really read "Blood Meridian"; it's a classic of 20th century

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