[FoRK] My old laptop has died. What's your favorite today?

Kevin Elliott k-elliott at wiu.edu
Tue Jun 24 08:21:18 PDT 2008

On Jun 24, 2008, at 8:07 AM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> Now as for laptops, I have had a series of Toshbias I liked but who
> all eventually gave up the ghost.

Just another data point- I briefly had Toshiba laptop (by marriage-  
I'm a 100% mac man myself), and had a pretty frustrating experience  
with their support.  Sent it for warranty repair for a broken keyboard  
and was told that "soda spilled on the keyboard".  I was somewhat  
suspicious, but willing to spend ~$200 for them to fix it- except I  
wanted the old keyboard back so I knew it was broken.  Nope, against  
policy, not interested.  Went back and forth with them for awhile and  
finally got angry enough to say screw it and made them send it back to  
me.  Finally ended up getting it repaired under it's CompuUSA extended  
warranty a couple months later.

Not sure any other vendor would have been different, but the service  
people were pricks and dealing with the out of country service groups  
was very frustrating.  Pissed me off enough to swear off Toshiba for  

Just another data point...

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