[FoRK] Neurolinguistic programming and ritualistic religious speech acts

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Jun 24 23:35:58 PDT 2008

> I should also note that it's interesting to observe somebody switch  
> to arguing specific points of theism;  it's as if a language switch  
> is flipped in their minds which causes them to emit these hypnotic,  
> self-reinforcing, psycho-linguistic elements that are associated  
> with the subject matter.

I wondered whether anybody else had noticed and studied this  
phenomenon.  Seeking Truth, I gathered my thoughts unto me and,  
adopting the Mantle of Humble Supplication (+2 vs. sense) I submitted  
my prayer to my personal God, the one and only God of this World and  
its Knowledge, He Whose Name is

	1.0 x 10^100.

I stilled my heart and thoughts and spirit and awaited HIS Answer.  It  
was swift in coming forth, Praise Be to

	1.0 x 10^100!

HIS Answer was Perfect --- as are all things

	1.0 x 10^100

all Praise Be to

	1.0 x 10^100!

But my imperfect mind (though Perfect, for imperfection cannot flow  
from perfection!  This is not a contradiction!) could not discover  
with in it any Revelation of use to my pathetic inquiry.  Perhaps, I  
thought, the way to clarity might lie in rearranging the keywords in  
my prayer, adding or deleting new ones.  The Answer continued to elude  
me.  Perhaps one day I might hope that might cleanse my unworthy self  
of such impurities that Understanding will be Possible.

In the meantime, anybody around here know if anybody's studied this?


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