[FoRK] What's on my Kindle...

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 13:16:29 PDT 2008

I guess I could ls  my 4gb sd I use in the EEE, but man that list
would spew on the list. Lots of the books you think any good ebook
collection should have are probably there or on one of the cds I have
come across in the last decade or so.....

These are the next items on the To Read list...(sidebar, my reading
has taken another jump up since the eee came along. The palm was great
but this is orders better)

Rushdie (some works Ive read and have not yet...Shame, Fury, Verses
and  Midnights Children)

Hellboy (all including the BPRD off shoot. I have always wanted  to read them)

Doom Patrol (i had always wanted to read the older stuff as well as
reread the latter day Vertigo branded greatness.. I have tons of both

Stephenson's Baroque Cycle (I have been reading the first book in dead
tree form  for nearly 3 years now..kids)

Scientific American (several months worth)

The Project Gutenberg SF Bookshelf
(http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Science_Fiction_(Bookshelf) I am trying
to pick out the names I have never read or have not read in decades )

PKD ( I have about 45 of them Im working thru, some rereads and some forgoten)

TinTin(I never read these as a kid, will be interesting to see how my
5 year old likes em as we read em on the big screen..I have done this
with some other comics..I put the eee on our big  HDtv and we read em

Make (the last couple of issues)

Audiobook wise, Id have to check my ZenXtra upstairs but last I
checked I had these ready for nighty night reading..

The Crying of Lot 49
King Salomon's Mines
The last 3 or so Barssom Books
and of course more Jean Shepherd and Goon Shows you can shake a stick
at for when im not wanting to hear a book

I need to go thru Bones list and pick up some poltico/econmical type
items, I am looking a bit shy of those.

-tom(the constant gardener)higgins

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