[FoRK] Challenge for Zee and Stephen

Lawnun lawnun at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 10:09:17 PDT 2008

> > (4) Assuming that in fact in our current system plaintiffs win more
> > than is statistically likely, is that a problem?
> Like representative democracy, it may suck but it's the best suck compared
> to all the other sucks. :) It's a problem with trials-by-jury in general
> -- not sure why you think it's unique to tort law.  "It" being "juries
> being swayed by personal bias." In your case, you seem to be particularly
> upset by the tend of juries to be biased against the wealthy.  Ask someone
> else and you may get 'atheists', 'christians', 'vegetarians', 'blacks',
> 'homosexuals', or 'furries' instead.

I'm trying to envision a jury comprised of people who wouldn't be biased
against furries.  Dare to dream, dare to dream.

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