[FoRK] MetroFi Goes Dark....so long and so what.

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 17:54:56 PDT 2008

The reports of MetroFi ssids falling off the wifi scans are coming in
and for me at least this is a long awaited end of a years long bad
joke. When Portland was crowned Most Unwired City some years ago the
City Officials poked their heads up and wondered "since we did not do
anything how did that happen? Ok maybe we should do something."

Meanwhile on the ground the Personal Telco Project (of which I am
involved) was doing what it had been doing since 2000...making nodes
and figuring out ways to make more.

The city went the usual route, they spent a few tens of thousands of
dollars on reports and findings to come up with the brilliant plan to
outsource the job to MetroFi.

Three years and 250K+ city dollars latter MetroFi has shut its doors,
pulled the plug and are seeing their gear on ebay (
http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmetrofi )

The Personal Telco Project...like the energizer bunny (though in need
of fresh blood for more workforce fun) is still going.

Interesting point that the PTP is playing on...in Portland today there
are something like 2500 networks /sq mile. If we can turn 2 or 4
percent of those to work as part of the knowingly open, deliberate act
of kindness, networking  scheme that shares and supports the hood it
is in...then  the echo a few years from now will be "metrofi who??"

And thats one to grow on

-tom(always looking up...did i step in something again?)higgins

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