[FoRK] What's on my Kindle...

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Jul 2 18:37:03 PDT 2008

Are you making ebooks / pdf's yourself of books and magazines, or 
downloading them exclusively?

I didn't notice an e version of Make for instance.

What do you think of the eee as an ebook reader?

I finally bought a Kindle.  Even if it isn't the only thing I use, it 
has enough usefulness, with it's free EVDO, that I'm sure it will be 
worth it.  However, I'll still read a lot on computers.


Tom Higgins wrote:
> I guess I could ls  my 4gb sd I use in the EEE, but man that list
> would spew on the list. Lots of the books you think any good ebook
> collection should have are probably there or on one of the cds I have
> come across in the last decade or so.....
> These are the next items on the To Read list...(sidebar, my reading
> has taken another jump up since the eee came along. The palm was great
> but this is orders better)
> Rushdie (some works Ive read and have not yet...Shame, Fury, Verses
> and  Midnights Children)
> Hellboy (all including the BPRD off shoot. I have always wanted  to read them)
> Doom Patrol (i had always wanted to read the older stuff as well as
> reread the latter day Vertigo branded greatness.. I have tons of both
> awaiting)
> Stephenson's Baroque Cycle (I have been reading the first book in dead
> tree form  for nearly 3 years now..kids)
> Scientific American (several months worth)
> The Project Gutenberg SF Bookshelf
> (http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Science_Fiction_(Bookshelf) I am trying
> to pick out the names I have never read or have not read in decades )
> PKD ( I have about 45 of them Im working thru, some rereads and some forgoten)
> TinTin(I never read these as a kid, will be interesting to see how my
> 5 year old likes em as we read em on the big screen..I have done this
> with some other comics..I put the eee on our big  HDtv and we read em
> together.)
> Make (the last couple of issues)
> Audiobook wise, Id have to check my ZenXtra upstairs but last I
> checked I had these ready for nighty night reading..
> The Crying of Lot 49
> King Salomon's Mines
> The last 3 or so Barssom Books
> and of course more Jean Shepherd and Goon Shows you can shake a stick
> at for when im not wanting to hear a book
> I need to go thru Bones list and pick up some poltico/econmical type
> items, I am looking a bit shy of those.
> -tom(the constant gardener)higgins
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