[FoRK] The Parable of Joe and the Looters

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sun Jul 6 12:13:29 PDT 2008

On Jul 6, 2008, at 1:54 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:

> Don't confuse criticism of Obama, or of leftist-economics, with  
> endorsement of the fascist right.  I was and remain just as critical  
> as always of W, the neocons, the would-be theocrats, the "religious  
> right" and the "religious" in general, and the liar's wheel fiddle  
> that is Faux News.

Also, nb, the converse is equally valid:  don't confuse criticism of  
W, the neocons, theocrats, Faux News, etc. with endorsement of  

> IIRC w/o going back and checking all the previous runs over the  
> years, this does display a bit more drift than previous.  I suspect  
> the up-drift is an artifact, the result of answering a bit less  
> firmly on a few particular questions, due mostly to general mood  
> today.  OTOH, it's still in generally in the same place, really;   
> relative to the average differences between us here on the list, as  
> evidenced by the group plot that somebody made several years back,  
> the difference between now and 2004 (and 2001, and '98, and...) is  
> insignificant.

Actually, let me amend that.  The drift is actually statistically  
significant, on both axes, vs. 2001 --- i.e. what significant drift  
there is, is not recent.  Still it's not huge, though, even over a  
decade;  I'm still wandering around in the same quadrant, have been  
all along; excursions from the center of lower-right more or less to  
the far corner, and points in between.


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