[FoRK] the blog/mailing list permeable barrier [was Re: Blog recommendation]

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Fri Aug 8 16:01:04 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 6:41 PM, Karl Anderson <kra at monkey.org> wrote:
> On 8-Aug-08, at 8:50 AM, Luis Villa wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Joseph S. Barrera III
>> <joe-ml at barrera.org> wrote:
>>> You're soaking in it!
>> Exactly. I'd prefer to get it in my feed reader than my inbox. ;)
>> Slightly more seriously: does anyone have any pointers on moving high
>> volume, low response mailing lists into a feed reader? I'm still not
>> sure exactly what I want, but my sense is that I am much more
>> efficient at processing my feeds than I am at processing my mail, so
>> I'd like to move some mailing lists which I still read but rarely
>> respond to into my feed reader or into a similar tool. I'm not sure
>> what the best way to do that is, though, so if anyone here has any
>> pointers, let me know.
> mailbucket.org is one email-to-rss tool.
> I thought that Google Reader had some integration with Gmail, but I've never
> tried that.
> Interesting that you want this, because I can't imagine reading lists
> without threading.  I guess this is another data point in the decline of
> mail - we're moving towards feed readers implementing usenet.  I hope I can
> wait until I don't have to relive the switch from rn to trn :)

I have found (with google mail) that threading is overrated (in part
because I've realized that any conversation so baroque as to actually
require threading probably isn't worth following.) But reading in
chronological order may be different... we'll see.


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