[FoRK] Blogs, mailing lists, and hammer / screw

paul paul at remsset.com
Thu Aug 21 15:03:58 PDT 2008

Tom Higgins said the following on 8/21/2008 3:11 PM:

> If I were writing a book, I would use a wiki format. If I were
> gathering thoughts on a few items I might use a blog If I were having
> a 12 year conversation (yes, its been that long) with a rotating cast
> of characters I would use a mailing list.
> But thats just me. I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking 
> for new projects I'm just looking for a babysitter..to misquote 
> .....(name the person misquoted)
> Now as to the old chestnut of Search Vs Categorization.. One is 
> dynamic and one is static. So for those who like their data 
> predictable and safe go for the grail of categorizing the universe. 
> For those who fly by the seat of their pants work out better ways to 
> search the universe.  I am sure if both methods are popular Google or
>  its ilk will find a way to monetize it:)-

I own a few mailing lists.  Actually, I admin them, I figure the members 
own the lists... 'cause what makes a mail list go?  Members.

Archives?  We had them turned off on Yahoo.  When moving the lists to 
Mailman, on my domain, archives are on for list members.  I don't know 
if anyone uses the archives, I don't.  I get the main list in digest to 
an alt address and it sorts away into a folder in t-bird.

I can't say a lot about usenet/newsgroups.  It seems ok and suddenly the 
group is invaded by spammers.  How to admin such is ignorance on my 
part, I'm sure.

IRC can be fun.  But there's no paper trail.  I mean, if you aren't on 
the channel, you don't know what has happened.

E-mail works for me.

I sort various lists into folders.  General mail is manually sorted to 
other folders.  I grok "search the cloud" of all saved e-mail.  T-bird 
doesn't seem to be able to do that.  It does pretty good in individual 
folders.  I just have to remember what list/folder has what I'm looking 
for.  Which is why I have a brain.

Perhaps one big folder of saved mail and then filtering by tags will 
work?  Convince me.


    If it's stupid, but works, it isn't stupid.

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