[FoRK] Obama: communitarian, redistributionist, confused? (from NYT)

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Jeff Bone wrote:
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>> Oh lighten up.  Don't worry, be happy.
?  I vote for the 3rd definition:
FFSR 	Factory Fitted Sun Roof
FFSR 	Fast Forward Signal Regeneration
FFSR 	Fire-fighters Union of the Slovak Republic
FFSR 	Flip Front Stereo-Radio (automotive classifieds

> That's how I need to start all of these.
> You Shiny Happy Change people are going to install a guy who's going 
> to wreck the rest of your professional lives on top of the disaster of 
> the last 8 years, just in a different direction.  I hope you enjoy 
> what you get.
As a market trader, I would think that you would grok that much of the 
value of things and the will to move in a positive direction has to do 
with attitude, inspiration, and, while not least, not the only thing 
either: predicting the future.  The market is one place where optimism 
really works.  Maybe not for every irrationally exuberant individual 
investor, but for the market and society as a whole, it does.  How do 
you quantify the missed opportunities caused by the attention and 
massive amount of money mostly wasted by bumbling leadership in the last 
8 years?

How are our professional lives going to be threatened by either candidate?

There is some infomercial that was previewed on some channel I had on as 
background noise last night from a woman doing a seminar around here.  
She was making the point, which I live by to the puzzlement of the 
non-entrepreneurs around me, that: The way to success (money, etc.) is 
not to save, but to create.  We need a groundswell of interest in 
getting critical mass together for non-oil energy, robotics, AI, space 
industrialism and colonization, accelerating the already heady medical 
field, educating the third world, etc.  The dividends from NASA in the 
60's+ and the Internet boom have been massive and pervasive.  We could 
start a new boom whenever we feel like it.  Focus, incent, invest, 
reward, foster markets, recognize, and teach and you can accomplish 
amazing things.

If I were to pick the areas ripe for a boom, they would be: alternative 
energy of every type including nuclear, robotics+AI with the aim to 
automate a broad range of driving, flying, factory, building, and 
farming, and aggressively educating the third world while maintaining a 
very solid core curriculum with modern values and concepts.  For the 
latter, I would quid pro quo everything upon acceptance and teaching of 
modern secular ideas and values, otherwise not one dime of aid and good 
luck with the pirates and mercenaries.  Additionally, I would make it 
easiest to immigrate to new emerging cities in currently undeveloped 
more or less badland areas (Rockies), and then connect those with very 
good trains, planes, and Internet.

The Positive Power of Negative Thinking: Using Defensive Pessimism to 
Harness Anxiety and Perform at Your Peak (Paperback)
by Julie Norem
This is a really good podcast that I listened to just last week:

Maybe you need a little of this:
Shiny Happy People (discovermagazine.com seems to be down):

> jb

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