[FoRK] obama vs hillary vs bill Re: Obama: communitarian, redistributionist, confused? (from NYT)

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Aug 25 14:17:44 PDT 2008

Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Jeff Bone wrote:
>>  Seriously, dude.  Where in the WORLD would you get this idea?  Even
>>  his own party bills him as left of left-center and a true believer,
>>  the flag-bearer of newly-resurgent 60s idealism --- in contrast to
>>  Clinton.
> Do you think a Hillary presidency would really be much different from 
> an Obama presidency?
> Or, for that matter, from a third Bill term? Or would all three drag 
> us and keep us in
> a long term economic super-depression?
You mean like Bill's 8 years of "super-depression"?  You know, budget 
surplus, Internet boom, etc.?

On the face of it, it doesn't wash.  Things went downhill fast almost as 
soon as Bush took office.  It seemed to me that it was more Wall Street 
negative reaction than anything, however most don't seem to see it that way.

> BTW, the Great Depression was a world-wide phenomenon. Do you forsee
> the forthcoming super-depression being world-wide, or instead, 
> isolated to the US?
> - Joe

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