[FoRK] Big Tents

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 16:59:33 PDT 2008

 I have long ago dispelled the myth that tech and camping do not mix.
Roughing it is not nights in a tent fighting off bears and park
rangers...roughing it is having to deal with 56kbs pipes whilst the
rest of your family is buzzing your cell for urls of the pictures of
your 3 years olds first high cliff dive.

I mean come on....would you tell the romans not to bring their roads?

"No, no bad Phoenicians, you may not bring your boats on the ocean camp out!"

Would you expect Ted Nugent (and you know he reads fork) would show up
with out his bow and arrow? Wang Dang No Sireeeee.

This would be like yelling at Jeff and I for drunkenly spouting
Dawkinisms as we wander thru Sunday Services around the park.

-tom(and you think thats not going to happen....ha)higgins

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