[FoRK] Big Tents

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Aug 25 19:00:36 PDT 2008

Tom Higgins wrote:
>  I have long ago dispelled the myth that tech and camping do not mix.
> Roughing it is not nights in a tent fighting off bears and park
> rangers...roughing it is having to deal with 56kbs pipes whilst the
> rest of your family is buzzing your cell for urls of the pictures of
> your 3 years olds first high cliff dive.
> I mean come on....would you tell the romans not to bring their roads?
> "No, no bad Phoenicians, you may not bring your boats on the ocean camp out!"
Oh, I will have my big ass kayak.  Although I need to buy or build a 
sleek, fast single-person boat.  I did 19 miles in two outings on Oahu 
in my brother's old single-person kayak, and watched the locals zoom by 
in their single-person outriggers.  If I had one to cast, I'd be laying 
up carbon fiber or something right now.
> Would you expect Ted Nugent (and you know he reads fork) would show up
> with out his bow and arrow? Wang Dang No Sireeeee.
Heh...  C'mon Ted, join in.
> This would be like yelling at Jeff and I for drunkenly spouting
> Dawkinisms as we wander thru Sunday Services around the park.
Hey, I want in!

Actually, I think my dream would be a Jon Stewart-inspired secular 
humanism rationalist science jam session, with a required laugh every 2 
minute2, on Sunday morning.  Split into two groups.  Each group writes 
the presentation for the other for laughs and sharing cool ideas.
> -tom(and you think thats not going to happen....ha)higgin

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