[FoRK] Obama: communitarian, redistributionist, confused? (from NYT)

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Aug 25 19:21:54 PDT 2008

"Immutable by-laws of business"?  Yea, right.  The immutable law is that 
the world is highly and fractally mutable.
Schedule break-through innovation.  I dare ya.


Tom Higgins wrote:
> You mean the narrowing of diversity and limiting the individual
> involvement (ie stakeholders) to maximize profits across the board?
> Now where have I heard this before?
> "
>         There is no
> 	America.  There is no democracy.
> 	There is only IBM and ITT and A T
> 	and T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide
> 	and Exxon.  Those are the nations of
> 	the world today.  What do you think
> 	the Russians talk about in their
> 	councils of state -- Karl Marx?
> 	They pull out their linear
> 	programming charts, statistical
> 	decision theories and minimax
> 	solutions and compute the price-cost
> 	probabilities of their transactions
> 	and investments just like we do.  We
> 	no longer live in a world of nations
> 	and ideologies, Mr. Beale.  The
> 	world is a college of corporations,
> 	inexorably deter- mined by the
> 	immutable by-laws of business.  The
> 	world is a business, Mr. Beale!  It
> 	has been since man crawled out of
> 	the slime, and our children, Mr.
> 	Beale, will live to see that perfect
> 	world in which there is no war and
> 	famine, oppression and brutality --
> 	one vast and ecumenical holding
> 	company, for whom all men will work
> 	to serve a common profit, in which
> 	all men will hold a share of stock,
> 	all necessities provided, all
> 	anxieties tranquilized, all boredom
> 	amused.  "
> -tom(yes, i went there again)higgins
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