[FoRK] Capitalism, Contracts and Cronyism

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Tue Aug 26 11:20:17 PDT 2008

On Aug 26, 2008, at 11:08 AM, geege schuman wrote:
> A BBC investigation estimates that around $23bn (£11.75bn) may have  
> been
> lost, stolen or just not properly accounted for in Iraq.*
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7444083.stm
> I know this isn't NEWS to anyone, but why is it so handled so  
> dismissively?
> Liberal media .... right.  They're all over this one.

Well frankly, that is not really news.  Governments "losing" tens or  
hundreds of billions of dollars through incompetence, indifference, or  
malfeasance has been just another day at the office for decades.  No  
one gives a crap when it happens in the US, why should they care if it  
happens in Iraq?

J. Andrew Rogers

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