[FoRK] I hate computers

Joseph S. Barrera III joe-ml at barrera.org
Tue Aug 26 14:11:11 PDT 2008

After running an in-house (IBM) Linux auto-installer (which failed),
I discovered that it autoformatted not just the boot disk (which
naturally I expected it to do) but EVERY OTHER DISK AS WELL.
That turned out to include two 300GB USB drives I had attached
to copy files off of the machine before doing the install.

Most of this stuff I had backed up on another 300GB disk.
Some wasn't, but at least that was on a 1TB disk that I normally
keep powered off just so this sort of thing doesn't happen.
But when I power up this disk.... it spins but never comes on line.

This includes all my pictures from Jenner and Yosemite...
so I guess now I *have* to go back to Yosemite next summer...

- Joe

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