[FoRK] Challenge for McCain critics

Paul Jimenez pj at place.org
Thu Aug 28 07:54:59 PDT 2008

Jeff Bone wrote:
> You know, the really insane thing about all this "McCain is Bush"
> noise that's going around is that, really, there was not a *single*
> credible candidate that the GOP *could* have put up that is *less*
> like Bush and *more* acceptable to the moderate middle.  

My own theory isn't so much that "McCain is Bush" as "McCain *will be*
Bush if elected because that's what it will take for him to get
elected".  He chose his team and has to play by their rules, much as he
might hate some or even most of them.  On one level I do wish McCain
would win because it might help end the dominance of the GOP by the
Bush/neocon hegemonies, in favor of someone more moderate.


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