[FoRK] Breaking news: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be McCain's veep

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Aug 29 07:54:46 PDT 2008

If true, this is absolutely brilliant, an amazingly nuanced pick on  
McCain's part, truly the perfect choice for him all things considered  
- far better than Obama's choice of Biden (who I like for the most  
part, btw, but nonetheless.  This speaks directly to McCain's  
judgment, his ability to think out of the box, to act independently - 
wrt- the party kingmakers and power brokers, and to balance multiple  
and conflicting interests in a thoughtful way.

Palin's pro-life stance is just about the only thing that the  
libertarian wing of the GOP might object to, yet is a bone to the  
threatening-to-revolt hardline social conservative "base."  Her  
opposition to e.g. gay marriage per se is tempered by her legislative  
experience;  she vetoed a bill that would have banned state benefits  
to gay couples, in effect granting them equal status under state  

And as a reformer, cost-cutter, ethics watchdog and whistle-blower  
(against the entrenched interests of her own party in Alaska) and  
total outsider to the neocon circles of DC, there's just no way any  
sane person can lump her into the "same old politics" category.  And  
her background and general "optics" are almost if not equally  
interesting -wrt- "The One" --- champion snowmobiler and former cold- 
water fisherman, mother of five including a Downs infant, former Miss  
Alaska runner-up, married to a native Eskimo...  juicy.

Absolutely brilliant.  Let the games begin.

I myself am going to go make a little cash on TradeSports betting into  
the inevitable McCain rally. ;-)



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