[FoRK] Breaking news: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be McCain's veep

geege schuman geege4 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 08:11:11 PDT 2008

Wow.  I don't think I've ever seen you so irrationally optimistic. Do you
see her as a viable president, in case McCain, er, leaves his post

(I sure hope the repubs don't ONCE AGAIN turn this election into a pro life
mandate. We've got other more pressing issues, like the war and energy. His
choice does make me wonder, does he think enough people buy into *him* being
a geopolitical whiz?  It's a very weak leg of his three-legged stool, imo.)

Also, Jeff, how do you know someone like Rove didn't pick Palin?  For all
you know, McCain's arm was twisted.


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:

> If true, this is absolutely brilliant, an amazingly nuanced pick on
> McCain's part, truly the perfect choice for him all things considered - far
> better than Obama's choice of Biden (who I like for the most part, btw, but
> nonetheless.  This speaks directly to McCain's judgment, his ability to
> think out of the box, to act independently -wrt- the party kingmakers and
> power brokers, and to balance multiple and conflicting interests in a
> thoughtful way.
> Palin's pro-life stance is just about the only thing that the libertarian
> wing of the GOP might object to, yet is a bone to the threatening-to-revolt
> hardline social conservative "base."  Her opposition to e.g. gay marriage
> per se is tempered by her legislative experience;  she vetoed a bill that
> would have banned state benefits to gay couples, in effect granting them
> equal status under state employment.
> And as a reformer, cost-cutter, ethics watchdog and whistle-blower (against
> the entrenched interests of her own party in Alaska) and total outsider to
> the neocon circles of DC, there's just no way any sane person can lump her
> into the "same old politics" category.  And her background and general
> "optics" are almost if not equally interesting -wrt- "The One" --- champion
> snowmobiler and former cold-water fisherman, mother of five including a
> Downs infant, former Miss Alaska runner-up, married to a native Eskimo...
>  juicy.
> Absolutely brilliant.  Let the games begin.
> I myself am going to go make a little cash on TradeSports betting into the
> inevitable McCain rally. ;-)
> Cheers.
> jb
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