[FoRK] Palin: pro-life AND sympathetic to creationism

Lawnun lawnun at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 14:54:29 PDT 2008

> Stevens was nominated by Ford;  Kennedy and O'Conner (yes, I know she's
> retired) by Reagan, etc.  Point being, don't assume the worst just because
> of a president's personal beliefs.  Even Roberts isn't turning out to be
> Satan incarnate, quite contrary to expectation.
Jeff -- I don't know many (at least who bothered to follow any of Roberts'
history) who thought that he was destined to be Satan incarnate. Most,
including Bush, acknowledged he was closer to the middle of the road as far
as the conservative branch of SCOTUS was concerned. Now, Alito on the other
hand, has done a fine job delivering on the expectation of being a carbon
copy of Scalia...

Its a better statement, imho, to say that justices are, at best, reflections
of the time and circumstances of their installment, rather than the specific
president in office.

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