[FoRK] Interesting analysis of entrepreneurship and risk

Aaron Burt aaron at bavariati.org
Sat Aug 30 13:10:28 PDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 12:06:35AM -0700, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Aaron Burt wrote:
>> BTW, there's so much action up here, it's nearly impossible to find a
>> techie to hire.  Lucky it's relatively easy to get visas for skilled
>> tech workers.  (Desperately seeking Sysadmins and netowork/db coders.)
> Don't tempt me man.  I was just in Whistler in June and I'll be in  
> Victoria in a few weeks, first time for both.  There might have been  
> more Australian "kids" working in Whistler than Canadians...

Yeah, there's some multilateral work-visa things with various other
English-speaking countries.  Americans with relevant degrees can get
work-permits easily via NAFTA.

>> So, yeah, maybe one *can* have commie unAmerican things like Universal
>> Health Care or different tax structures, and still have a favourable
>> climate for business and innovation.
> I haven't looked into the Canadian budget much, however I believe that  
> Canada enjoys a very rich mineral income on a per capita basis, which  
> has to be particularly beneficial right now since quite a bit of oil is  
> exported to the US.  

Yeah, we're running a surplus, for once.  Oil revenue mostly helps
Alberta though, AFAIK.

> Saying that universal health care works great in  Saudi Arabia doesn't
> mean much for the US.  

Don't be silly.  The health-care system is a bit underfunded, but even
when it wasn't, it was far from gold-plated.  Think Medicaid, but for
everybody.  The difference it makes in personnel costs and suchlike is
very nice, though.  Note that income and business taxes are similar here.

OK, here's the ObPikiwedia chart:

Looks like the US spends more of its GDP, a higher % of its gov't
revenues and more per capita on health care than Canada does.

My theory is that since Medicaid and Medicare cover only the most
expensive populations, they end up costing almost as much as universal
bare-bones [sic] coverage.  80-20 rule strikes again.

But this is all silly.  As long as Americans keep worshipping the
Gambler's gods of Looto, Cap Gains and Dow Jones, wishfully playing the
ponies on Wall Street and pretending that they share more in common with
the top 0.1% than the bottom 80%, the US will continue remaking itself
into the biggest and richest 3rd World nation EVAR.

Somalia looks a lot like Galt's Gulch,

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