[FoRK] A choice of nightmares

Russell Turpin russell.turpin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 08:14:32 PDT 2008

The problem with prognostication, other than finding a crystal ball in
good working order, is weighing the risks of various futures. Jeff
Bone's nightmare is that a Democratic Congress with Obama as president
will raise the marginal income tax rates to 40% or more, precipitating
an economic catastrophe. The horrible vision that now haunts my sleep is
that President McCain will suffer a stroke or other health problem in
his second year of office, and a fervent  evangelical will appoint our
next three Supreme Court justices.

There are limits to both nightmares. The American economy will weather a
depression, and scientific and technical progress continues even while
it lasts.

A Democratic Senate might temper the kind of justices that President
Palin would appoint. This defense is more plausible if Harry Reid
resigns for some reason beforehand, and is replaced by a Senate leader
of either gender in possession of cojones. (Given the last two years, I
suspect Reid long ago lent his to Hillary, who is refusing to return

I suspect it is true for many that how they cast their political lots
is influenced by what nightmares are most vivid. I don't blame someone
for supporting McCain on the grounds that Jeff does.

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