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It would have been so much more productive to have mentioned that Alaska's
population is smaller than many large cities, so citing her "executive"
experience is a bit of a stretch.  She's more of a mayor and labeling her a
reformer is kind of ridiculous.

I slso would have reminded everyone of McCain's claim, "I'd rather lose the
election than win the war."  For those who think Palin was a brilliant
political choice, they're left with defending the risk to which McCain
exposes our country.

If I were an Obama advisor, I'd ignore Palin and educate the voters about
Obama's stances on affirmative action and national security.
Those are red states' fear factors. Obama is for affirmative action based on
financial need only; he has clearly stated that race and gender should not
be considerations. McCain, when asked about affirmative action, said he's
against quotas (which have been outlawed for decades). How out of touch can
the guy be?

Wrt national security, I'd give a lot of play to the "defeating evil" answer
by McCain and use it educate the red states.  There's a new Rand Corp study
that shows military is the least effective means of combatting terrorism -
for god's sake, get the study out there.

I didn't mention economics because it's quicksand right now.  Save the
details for the debate, when both sides are watching, and back it up with
some hard data.

Mr. Plouff, I can be reached at 904.312.4572.

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 1:12 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III
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> Michael Cummins wrote:
> > I thought this article pretty much got it right.
>>  My wife was pretty steamed about some of the comments that have been
>>  made already.
> You mean like this?
> http://www.salon.com/opinion/walsh/election_2008/2008/08/30/begala_palin/index.html
> (Begala's comments, not Walsh's)
> - Joe
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