[FoRK] A choice of nightmares

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Sun Aug 31 11:31:43 PDT 2008

So you don't mind that McCain doesn't show much of an interest in developing
alternate energy sources, evidence reinforced by his choice of running mate.

And under the current Bush tax cuts, we've seen growth slow to a creep.  And
then there's Iraq, a whole other kind of creepiness.

What should be understood in using the worst-case argument is that its
appeal is mostly to reds.  Blues have a higher panic threshhold (unfortunate
in some cases). Deep down, we blues know we're not in danger of losing
ground on Row v Wade, because we know that most politicians, even the ones
supported by reds, don't want to see it happen.  That was proven to
us during the six years of republican dominance.

Russell, don't be a schlub.  There won't be any worst case scenarios, and I
know you know it.


at 11:14 AM, Russell Turpin <russell.turpin at gmail.com> wrote:

> The problem with prognostication, other than finding a crystal ball in
> good working order, is weighing the risks of various futures. Jeff
> Bone's nightmare is that a Democratic Congress with Obama as president
> will raise the marginal income tax rates to 40% or more, precipitating
> an economic catastrophe. The horrible vision that now haunts my sleep is
> that President McCain will suffer a stroke or other health problem in
> his second year of office, and a fervent  evangelical will appoint our
> next three Supreme Court justices.
> There are limits to both nightmares. The American economy will weather a
> depression, and scientific and technical progress continues even while
> it lasts.
> A Democratic Senate might temper the kind of justices that President
> Palin would appoint. This defense is more plausible if Harry Reid
> resigns for some reason beforehand, and is replaced by a Senate leader
> of either gender in possession of cojones. (Given the last two years, I
> suspect Reid long ago lent his to Hillary, who is refusing to return
> them.)
> I suspect it is true for many that how they cast their political lots
> is influenced by what nightmares are most vivid. I don't blame someone
> for supporting McCain on the grounds that Jeff does.
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