[FoRK] Challenge for McCain critics ROFLMAO

Steve SetAtGreensplatSBCGlobal Nordquist Saigua at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 31 12:05:47 PDT 2008

McCain doesn't have any cortisone margin to do any new thinking, even if  
he wasn't all threads, and impressed by the first women-for-drilling blend  
on the reccomendations list.  (Cato-at-liberty put low flame to her tax  

What's this about the remarkability of entrepreneurship-as-labor being a  
tough sell?  It is hard-outsourced ('til losses back up the chain) but if  
it wasn't that people did your bidding and found interesting work from it,  
it wouldn't happen.  Nobody signs on to 'beat cancer' in 7 bouts and  
nobody writes that up, yet OMG the research happens.  {Do we have a  
nominee for worst square-free stump speech this season?  No?}

Do you think McCain's going to set .gov/.com/.us(locale) transparency  
better?  Is an Obamachelle-Biden administration less suited to profiting  
 from presented land wars in asia?  (FWIW it seems to me as if Obama's  
well-worn socialist corpus is in service to a civil-engineering school of  
Federalism; either candidate's gonna federate your milkshake, but which  
one makes uh...toxic milkshake?)

"The *legislature* should do all it can to protect human life."
Not Yours, Legislature.  Totally not Partisans'.

Speaking of which; which anti-Malthus startups would be likely in the case  
of each administration?  For each MaverickMessiah; is it better to act  
first and test diversion and forgiveness in legal outrage/enforcement, or  
suffer compliances at the cost and speed of shepherding it through the  
legislature?  (&&California, WA or OR State oversight?)

re: Brief Points
1) So...it's Pelosi who's murder on jet-skis?
2) not to worry, we have this 20-tesla bell-jar trap we stick on your  
chest to unhook you...
3) McCain: The Popular Girls' Revenge Party
4) ...but you'd rather plant autoturrets on the factory than maintain air  
5) ...great; pick an executive to represent you?
6) More with the hopefulness as reformer bit, please?  Social conservative  
sounds lassiez-faire....
7) 2Girls1POTUS?  It's a Trifecta?  Or Palin is at least as witty as  
Michael Palin, can use Gallant and Grins as shoulderpads, and she does  
Argh, here's to the bliddy labourers.

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