[FoRK] A choice of nightmares

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Sun Aug 31 22:59:15 PDT 2008

On Aug 31, 2008, at 8:48 PM, Rob Harley wrote:

> *> > [...] However, an article in today's New **York Times
>>> [...]** points out that since 1948, income growth has actually been
> *>* > higher under Democratic presidents.
>> * That article was an impressive spectacle of cherry-picking data,
>> spurious causality, and tenuous correlation. Well done!
> You didn't like the message, so shoot messenger, foot and bystanders?

Well, if the message is patently stupid...

I'm not sure why someone would be hyper-sensitive to someone pointing  
out weak-ass propaganda unless they had already inured themselves to  
the Kool-Aid.  The problems with the US economy are myriad, but leg- 
humping ideologically pleasing pablum is not the path to a viable  
solution.  It is a very rare day that legitimate economics makes its  
way into the political and media sphere, and this was a particularly  
ludicrous non-exception.

It is embarrassing for the human race that anyone thinks either the  
left or the right is providing legitimate answers in the face of ample  
contrary evidence.  This is not a religion and I am not seeking TRVTH,  
though maybe you have a different view of the world.  I have better  
things to do than pick teams when a couple economics retards fight in  
a Metal Cage Death Match, but apparently picking teams is more  
important than actual results for a lot of people.

Let me be plain: there are no legitimate economics wonks in the  
current political race.  The candidates of both parties are the  
economic equivalents of creationists, and we should be laughing them  
for the jackasses that they are.  That there are Americans that think  
these economics policies are clever and make attempts to defend them  
scares me for the same reasons fundie retards do, and such people  
should be let nowhere near the levers of power in a sane world.  If  
that is "shooting the messenger", then so be it.


J. Andrew Rogers

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