[FoRK] huntin' and fishin' and weldin' and fornicatin'

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Sun Sep 14 14:35:16 PDT 2008

Le 5 sept. 08 à 08:51, Reza B'Far a écrit :
> I watched a couple of JFK speeches on cable a few months ago.  It  
> was sure a
> different world back then.  I wasn't even alive then, but it seemed  
> that the
> intellectual conversations were at a higher ground.

Whether the intellectual contents were at a higher ground or not  
would be more difficult to show, but when looking at the parsing  
sophistication expected of a listener, JFK's inaugural address has  
Flesch-Kincaid high school grade level of 11, having declined from  
the founding father's (presumably) college level speeches, yet still  
well above the junior-high productions of the two Bushes.



cf "What Rennets a Pointless Vegan Debate?"

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