[FoRK] Career Moves

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Oct 9 19:53:27 PDT 2008

As it happens, I'm looking for a job shortly.  I glanced at the 
beginning of the year when I moved to Mountain View, but now it's a 
reality.  By about the end of the year, roughly coinciding with 
Armageddon by some accounts, I'll be on to something new and exciting.

For the first time in 7 years.  You know, the last time the economy 
tanked (IT in particular that time) and I was at the end of a contract 
(300 hours / month!!) with a client who didn't pay me the last $82K.  
There's a slim chance I'll work something out to continue roughly in the 
situation I'm in, but less than even chance I suspect.  (Company has no 
other contracts in this area, unless I create one, under tight constraints.)

So keep those suggestions / invitations coming. 

Career decisions are potentially complex.  When you think of others, 
it's easy to think "get any job".  When it's for yourself, especially 
when you throw yourself into full support of a company and you are 
investing all of your opportunity potential, there is a lot to think 
about.  However, as I already have my on-my-own-time project for taking 
over the world eventually, I'm somewhat less critical of day job choices 
and more opportunistic.

So ask while I'm easy.

Or I could move to Honolulu, do taxes and accounting for a living, and 
be in the ocean, hiking the mountains, or flying between islands every 
day.  Some days, it's tempting.


Owen Byrne wrote:
> Just to inject some positivism -- my last employer/company is hiring:
> http://digg.com/jobs (just went from 8 to 25 listings on that page) 
> and my current employer
> http://travelpod.com aka http://tripadvisor.com  is hiring (somewhat opportunistically, but we need good people). 
> Both sets of jobs, at least to the best of my knowledge, bring six figure salaries, stock options or RSUs, signing bonuses, etc. 
> Owen

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