[FoRK] The Class War Before Palin

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Oct 11 18:24:17 PDT 2008

"The Base".  Ha ha.  You're so funny.  Al-Queda translation: The Base.

I'm not sure what the proof is we're working on, but:
----  (Unicode 22A5, as in: http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2200.pdf )

Does anyone know how to input any Unicode character into Thunderbird??

Russell Turpin wrote:
> David Brooks is wrong to pin the blame for this on Palin. What he is
> describing is The Base that was identified and so well played by Rove
I think that most of his article was putting the blame on Rove and the 
active parts of the Republican party up to this point.
> and Bush. McCain wanted it behind him, and picked Palin for that
I makes no mention of McCain participating in this anti-intellectualism 
et al, however he then points out that she is into more than anyone.  
Whether McCain specifically was going for this, hard to tell.  He is 
blaming her for being one of the most loud and obvious examples, not 
causing it, right?
> purpose. But it would rallied, to same effect, to any number of other
> politicians that it favors.


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