[FoRK] so is it for real now?

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Oct 13 23:33:56 PDT 2008

J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
> On Oct 13, 2008, at 1:59 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> That some seem to give a lot of that optimism for McCain, even 
>> knowing who his advisers are and the problem with the party, while 
>> having only the purest and deepest pessimism for Obama, especially 
>> given the last 8 years, is telling.
> Well then I suppose you will be happy to know that I have no optimism 
> for McCain.  I do not want to see McCain as President, but that does 
> not make Obama any less of a charismatic and deeply clueless empty suit.
> Either way, government spending as a percentage of GDP is going to 
> increase. Again.
Has already, no?  Isn't the general feeling that it has become 
inevitable because of the mistakes, executive and regulatory, made in 
recent years?  The war is vastly more expensive than the original bid.  
Tax cuts, at least according to many (Thanks Geege), have not paid for 
themselves. [1]   Etc.  Additionally, taxes are likely to go up.  
Clearly the deficit is unmaintainable.  It's not really like you can 
point to whoever the next president is and say: "See, they raised taxes 
as soon as they could!"  It is essentially unavoidable now it seems.  
The question is where and how.  Or drastically cut spending, which seems 
even more unpopular overall..


> Cheers,
> J. Andrew Rogers

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