[FoRK] Government Report: Evidence of H-1B Visa Fraud

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue Oct 14 11:33:26 PDT 2008

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 07:16:27PM +0100, Andy Armstrong said:
> Are remote workers not an option? I'm based in the UK, work for a US 
> company, visit four times a year for at least two weeks at a time - not 
> sure what any upper limit on that would be. That seems to be enough to keep 
> us in sync. Might not work for your case but we're a fairly small 
> startup-like team.
> And if you could make that work for a year then presumably they'd get a 
> visa on the basis of having worked in your foreign office for a year?

That's very similar to what I did - travelling back and forth a lot and 
then moving to the US.

But it's not ideal - it's a lot of travelling, a lot of time spent away 
from friends and family and relationships and actually, unless there's 
an honest to $god bricks and mortar office in the country of origin 
transferring can still be difficult. In fact it's against the rules now 
as far as I know.

Additionally multiple trips back and forth to the states tends to make 
immigration suspicious. I got 'extra treatment' a couple of times and 
was questioned about it at my Embassy interview.

Furthermore - not everyone likes working remotely. I hated it for 
example and found that I veered wildly between unhealthy "Roll out of 
bed at 7 in the morning and working in my dressing gown until 9pm" and 
equally unhealthy "Wake up at midday, work till midnight" and the more 
insidious "Don't do any work for a week".

I also hated not being part of the office ebb and flow and getting a 
feel for the politics. I also hated that everything too so long. Stuff 
that should have taken 10 minutes infront of a white board with a couple 
of people took a week of back and forth emails (each with at least a 12 
hour latency) and finally a conference call when everybody could be 
scheduled at the same time.

So, yes it's possible but for me (and maybe it's my persoanlity or maybe 
the kind of work I do) it's suboptimal.

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