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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Oct 14 12:42:19 PDT 2008

And here ya go for balance:

Chairman Tom Cole wrote:
> This election will determine the course our country will take for at 
> least the next four years. Without your immediate donation, 
> <http://list.nrcc.org/t/2029064/20044142/3037/0/> we could see our 
> country being led down a liberal path that we have not seen in America 
> for some time.
> Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are a liberal trifecta that 
> will bring higher taxes, government controlled health care, defeat in 
> Iraq, and amnesty for illegal aliens.
> Is this really the course we want for our country?
> Your immediate donation can help stop this liberal take-over 
> <http://list.nrcc.org/t/2029064/20044142/3037/0/>. It will also help 
> us to elect conservatives to Congress and support the McCain-Palin 
> presidential ticket.
> The polls continue to show Republicans gaining ground all across 
> America as voters learn the true agenda of Barack Obama and his 
> liberal friends.
Where have I heard that "trifecta" thing before?  :-)
And of course it wouldn't be hard to argue that it is a "win by default" 
much more than it is a "takeover".

Stephen Williams wrote:
> Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sends out solicitation email 
> messages about daily now, from different writers.  This is a catchy 
> opening meme, ostensibly from Paul Begala:
>> George Bush and the Senate Republicans tried to ruin this country in 
>> his first term.  They tried to ruin the whole world in his second.  
>> *20 days from now, let's not give them and John McCain a third chance.*
> I like noticing the clever spin on both sides.  We haven't seen much 
> of the "change the term to change the bias" success that Republicans 
> had last term, have we?
> sdw
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