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These are REAL people, having REAL results with Carbon.CopyPRO. They are the "three percenters". While this

percentage does seem small...rest assured. The only factor that separates them from the other 97% is this... TAKING CONSISTENT ACTION with the Carbon.CopyPRO system is a way of life for them. That's it, as simple as that. Keep reading to find out what these "everyday" folks have to say about Carbon.CopyPRO...


$25,000* In Less Than 3 months!

My Best Month With Carbon.CopyPRO is: $25,300...

Thank you Carbon.CopyPRO! I struggled for 6 years in this industry, never making more than a couple hundred dollars a month. Recently I generated over $23K in a single month!

I can honestly say that this is the most complete, turnkey and profitable opportunity for the average person to make a substantial income online.

-Norbert O, BC



Over $50,000* In First 3 Months!

My name is Sonny Pham. I was a real estate broker for over eighteen years before I quit to market full time with Carbon.CopyPRO.

I have no prior internet marketing experience and made over $50,000 in my first three months. It has changed my life ever since. 
Thank you Carbon.CopyPRO!

-Sonny P, CA



$37,900* In Less Than 3 Months

"I spent almost 10 years in the Financial Services industry and I was my firm's first Million Dollar producer but I eventually began to hate the industry over time."

"I left all together due to the politics, conflicts of interest and the outright manipulation that has taken over these days."

"Boy am I glad I made that decision 2 years ago because this industry - the DirectMarketing / Direct Sales industry, is creating more wealth than EVERY other industry in North America right now, yet most don't know even know it ...yet. "

"With THIS unique business model and this EXACT marketing system I was able to earn as much money in my "first year" as I did in my best years in the Financial Services industry as a top producer. After 10 years in the Financial Services industry, I let my licenses expire; I will no longer need them any more. Thank you Carbon.CopyPRO!"

-Andrew C, FL


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Andy's Best Month With PRO: $6,700*

Before I found Carbon.CopyPRO I wasted a lot of money and time trying to figure out how to market online successfully.

By following the system as it is designed I am finally making the kind of money that I deserve! My best week with Carbon.CopyPRO is over $6000...

Thank you Carbon.CopyPRO! You made my life so simple and joyful again!

-Andy N, CA


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Ann's First Six Months With PRO: Over $100,000*

AnnAs a single woman in my 50s working as a home-based translator, I knew my savings would need a serious boost if I was ever going to be able to retire. But as in any freelance profession there was a ceiling on my earnings - every hour not spent at my desk was an hour I wasn't getting paid.

Searching for ways to supplement my retirement fund I joined an MLM company. But with no sales or marketing experience and no proper training, I was having no success whatsoever. Until one day I happened to click on an ad that led me to Carbon.CopyPRO.

One single click of the mouse that has changed my life forever.

Six months and $100k later and I'm no longer a translator but a full-time Internet entrepreneur.

Those six months have been the happiest of my 35-year working life. 
Now I choose my own working hours instead of chasing deadlines. 
Now I'm part of a community of like-minded people from all around the world. Now I know how to market my business and am earning more than I ever dreamed was possible.

Instead of worrying about the future, I'm now on course for the best years of my life. And it's all thanks to Carbon.CopyPRO.

-Ann M, England


Over $25,000* In One Month!

My name is Brian Fanale and I've been with CarbonCopy PRO pretty much since its inception. What you guys have put together inside of PRO is unreal!

I've never seen a marketing system laid out in such a way where ANYONE can plug in and get results. You guys have nailed it from the marketing training, to the websites, to the professional call centers in place, everything!

What you have put together is EXACTLY what the top earners are doing online and offline to create massive wealth in their business...and the best part is that its designed so that brand new people can embrace PRO and go make serious money online today!

-Brian F, VA


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We Earned $6300* Our Third Month!

Thanks Jay and Aaron!  After more than 25 years as Top Level Leaders in a famous MLM, we had never seen anyone in our organization make a significant profit as fast as this! 

We also had no experience with online marketing before PRO! You truly have set the standard!

We've enjoyed a fabulous lifestyle before PRO but now we can have anyone follow the training and join us quickly. Your online training is the best in the marketplace and we've recommended it to all our top leaders.

-Dave and Michelle L, CA


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Elaine Earns Over $30,000* A Month

What an improvement! From the stressful life of owning a property management company to the easy flow of the Carbon.CopyPRO Marketing System.

My best months in this business are: $53,796, $43.495, $35,567 and $31,828. How would your life change if you were earning $30,000 a month from the comfort of your home...?

Thanks guys for creating an easy and duplicatible system.

-Elaine L, CO


Ready to make these results your own. Start now by taking action! Submit your application NOW!

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We are on a mission to create 100 millionaires with Carbon.CopyPRO and would LOVE to have you join us!


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Dedicated To Your Success!

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