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The line is from G.K. Chesterton who wrote something similar in his book 
What's Wrong with the World, 1910 [1].  The basics are that if something 
is worth doing, just go do it. The outcome will be fine.

A member of our list, Dan Kalikow, aka. DrDan, is at home with hospice. 
 He does not have many days. I've never met Dan in person and know him 
like I know most of you, by what you write and share.

Here's what I've read about Dan:
 - He bought an "Arrest me Red" '96 Mustang GT ragtop - "Wotta blast."
 - An Emacs fan - must be a smart guy
 - Mac guy from early on with good old Eudora for mail
 - Gave us the "Best Graph Ever" article in five parts [2]
 - Refers to the IRregulars as "Masters & Maestrae of
   all things published and unpublished" which made me wish
   I were a lot more clever
 - The only guy I know that wanted L'eggs! LOL
 - Sent us an article about "Governmentium" in which 312 parts
   are held together by forces called morons... That had me
   laughing pretty good
 - Traveled a lot with his wife - looked for IRRs in New Delhi even!
 - Uses words like 'peripatetic' and 'orthogonal' often and correctly
 - Was using computers when I was like, 7 yrs old, dang
 - Worked for BBN, Prime, DEC
 - Signs his messages /D  slash-D? What does that mean anyway?

and perhaps mostly, I find his writings insightful and more often than 
not, very entertaining.

Dropping Dan Kalikow a note is something worth doing. Perhaps re-read 
one of Dan's stories sent to us or just say hello, good bye, good 
morning or good evening.  Here's his email DrDan at Kalikow.com



[1] http://chesterton.org/qmeister2/doingbadly.htm
[2] http://homepage.mac.com/dr.dan/parametric/Personal63.html

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