[FoRK] solar tree farm

silky michaelslists at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 15:14:16 PST 2009

i have recently been made aware that, at night, trees will take in
oxygen and produce carbon dioxide (as opposed to their day-activities,
which are the reverse).

so i wonder to myself (or more accurately, to you all) what would be
the result of a system where you have trees, growing in a farm, that
has a series of solar-powered lights. the lights charge up during the
day, and provide artificial sunlight to the trees at night, thus
preventing them from 'sleeping' and hopefully forcing them to keep

i would suspect that the trees would die a lot faster, but perhaps
there would be some amazing benefit to the amount of oxygen produced.
would the solar panels themselves offset the benefits? i don't know.

noon silky

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