[FoRK] low probability bits

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Tue Feb 24 12:48:18 PST 2009

Everyone has forgotten their boolean.

Generate 2 random numbers (which will generally contain approximately 
half ones and half zeros).  AND them together and Viola! a 32 bit stream 
that has less than half bits.

At one time, (40 years ago) when I wrote hardware diagnostics for a 
living, test numbers for some machines, (e.g. card punches) needed both 
lots of bits and few bits.  I figured out using boolean how to generate 
test numbers with approximately 1/8, 1/4, etc. bits per number. 
Unfortunately, I can no longer recall, and can't find the paper I wrote, 
with the details on exactly how I did it.

You guys are all smart. You figure it out.

Marty Halvorson
marty at halvorson.us

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