[FoRK] My grad research into digital library visualization

Peter Bergström pbergstr at quadfusion.net
Wed Feb 25 09:48:27 PST 2009


As part of my research into the visualization and navigation of  
digital libraries, I have developed a web-based experimental  
application called PaperCube. I did some basic research when I was an  
undergrad at UC Santa Cruz under the supervision of Jim Whitehead and  
now I've expanded on this as part of my grad school research at Santa  
Clara University. PaperCube is a SproutCore-based javascript  
application that uses basic HTML, SVG, and canvas to visualize paper  
and author relationships.

PaperCube is an exploration into how one can make the activity of  
finding research papers easier. The goal for PaperCube is to provide  
an alternative to traditional web-based digital libraries, but not  
replace them.

Please check out this brief video about it:

Also, you can try it out for yourself: (Safari, Webkit, Firefox, Chrome)



For the really interested, I'm conducting a short user survey and I'm  
looking for people who are pursing a graduate degree or have one  
already who have used digital libraries to find research materials.  
Although the data that you can browse in PaperCube an older version of  
CiteSeer which contains mostly science and engineering literature, I  
encourage people outside of those fields to try my application out as  

The survey is relatively short and can be accessed here:

Please try to finish the survey by March 9th.

I thank you in advance for taking time to try out PaperCube and  
telling me what you think.


Peter Bergström

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