[FoRK] Author's Guild flak

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 16:23:13 PST 2009

Seems a day does not go by that some agency or another is limiting how
I enjoy rendering information. The whole Text2Speech thing is head
shaking befuddling. It has though moved me into a different orbit.

I jotted some notes on a FB note and then shot a quick little email
off to the Author's Guild

"Your recent actions against the use of a text-to-speech engine to
render a work into voice has forced a change in my purchasing habits
of your guild's authors.Text-to-speech technologies are far from
perfect but they have  a time and place where they can be useful.
Stripping me of that option gains you little and causes me one less
way to enjoy the works. I also wonder what other technologies you will
see as a supposed threat and also bully out of my use.  Limiting my
ability to enjoy a work has made those works hard for me to support.

In the future I will opt to find used copies of the works, check the
works out of my local library,. trade for the works on one of a number
of sites across the Internet or arrange to share the works via my
network of friends. Since you do not support my ability to enjoy these
works I will not support your actions by supporting those who you

Now you folks know me, this is not..very much not..about the Kindel.
This is about the ways in which forces seek to limit how I can render
information. Why should I support them with profit when they are
seeking to limit me. Makes no sense.

Now I can already hear some of you yawning "oh tom come on, ease of
use trump personal liberties"   yes yes I get that many of you are
firmly secure in your justifications for using  DRM, locked in supply
chains and giving up bits of your ability to utilize a thing  for
shinny new jimmies. Painful as it is, I get the fact some people are
happy with masa on the porch sipping the mint julips...astounds me but
I have come to realize its more common than I had wanted to think.

But this feels like one of those rippling pebble waves  that might
just fade out but could mesh with other pebble induced waves to make
bigger. What next...what could be next?

Thats the question I ask to you good folks...what next?

-tom(I have some ideas which Ill expand upon in a day or two, for now
my wife is home for a weekend and thus I have other priorities)higgins

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