[FoRK] The Wingnut Revolution

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Mar 1 19:17:21 PST 2009

Rick Santelli and the "Rant of the Year":
Traders on the floor are "a pretty good statistical cross-section of 
America, the silent majority"?  Wow, really?

Is this the flavor of koolaid needed to understand the WingNuts??

Rick Santelli vs. Jim Cramer.  Lol.

The Wingnut Revolution
> Then there's Glenn Beck who devoted an entire show to gaming out how 
> exactly a revolution would take place here. He dubbed the special 
> episode the "War Room" and it involved in-depth analysis from a team 
> of experts who agreed that an army of survivalist "bubbas" might take 
> up arms against the "communist" Obama government.
Too bad the liberals have been practicing survival camp cities at 
Burning Man every year.  OK, maybe that doesn't count.  How about 
Survival Research Labs?  http://www.srl.org/  They've got "shock and 
awe" down pat at least!  (At least I don't think that they qualify as 

The bubbas should be careful what they ask for.  In a real survivalist 
situation, the people who know how to get along with others are likely 
to do a lot better.

"I said I never had much use for one, I never said I didn't know how to 
use it."
> For the last year or so, Glenn Beck has been attempting to peg Barack 
> Obama and the Democrats as actual communists, and now he's going all 
> out with, quite literally, a red scare segment on his show -- 
> festooning his set with Soviet flag graphics, a "Comrade Update" logo 
> and a Russian language crawl in the lower-third of the screen.
> I never thought someone would materialize on FOX News Channel who 
> could actually make Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly seem reasoned and 
> rational, but Glenn Beck has done it. To eleven.
Wow.  Just Wow.  Is this a joint venture between the Comedy Channel and 
The Onion that I don't know about yet?  Are they trying to out Onion the 

> But all of this silliness tends to overshadow the very basic fact that 
> these self-anointed revolutionaries have all along sought to derail 
> and defeat the largest tax cut in American history; going so far as to 
> define the recovery act containing this historical tax cut as 
> socialism and "porkulus."
> What this far-right movement appears to suggest is that middle class 
> tax cuts, job creation and affordable healthcare -- ideas that are 
> supported by 82 percent of Americans, by the way -- are criminal acts 
> of tyranny, and an eventual tax increase to the tune of pennies on the 
> dollar for the wealthiest two-percent is worthy of opposition by 
> revolutionary means.
> Okay, well. Good luck with that, wingnuts. But don't forget your permits.
> BobCesca.com

So, which is it skippy?  It will be very interesting to see how all of 
this ages.  I suspect there will be some very enlightening studies in 
political science research for decades to come.


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