[FoRK] Satellite Internet Service

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 16 17:30:47 PDT 2009

Comcast is probably the way to go, or similar.  Cable modem service, 
although it still tends to take a while for them to finally replace 
flakey lines / hardware, causing periodic outages.  It is so obvious: 
Service dies randomly over the weekend and magically starts working 
again first thing Monday morning.  Happens 5-10 times over a number of 
months, yet their tech support insists it is all on the consumer side.

BTW, Comcast is clueless about DNS.  There are web comments about them 
having DNS server issues going back at least to 2005.  They still are 
clueless.  Good luck even explaining what DNS is to the customer / tech 
phone support.  "We don't run servers."  "No, there is no second level 
support you can talk to."  "No, there is NO WAY we can call any data 
center."  So, go OpenDNS.org and just forget them.

The cable guys seem to have run ahead of DSL, although FIOS is kicking 
them right back.  Both of them are 8-20Mbits down, 1-6?Mbits up.

If you can't or don't want to deal with either of those, I'd recommend 
Sprint CDMA 2000 Rev. A (and a newer version is about out I think).  I 
can hook you up for $49.xx/mo.  Normal price is $59.xx/mo.  However, 
they now have a 5GB cap.  (Was unlimited for a long time.)  Only get the 
USB modems, and then get a little WiFi hub / router, and you are all 
set, anywhere you can get phone service.  Sprint seems to have the most 
broadly available Broadband.  Works in Canada too, although they went 
from an OK-if-prorated unlimited rate to a small cap JUST when I took my 
last trip there last year.  And then my USB modem died after a couple 
days in Canada...

I can't live where I don't have broadband.  I have a hard time even 
visiting.  Some very good old friends in Ohio are still using dialup...  
And they have teenagers.  I think it is partly a way to curtail their 
use.  I have a hard time seeing it as a net positive.


Aaron Burt wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 02:21:27PM -0700, Marty Halvorson wrote:
>> I've finally decided that Qwest is never going to bring a high speed  
>> cable to my part of Santa Fe county.  It would appear my options are:
>> - Comcast the cable guys (but I'd likely have to subscribe for TV
>>   also, and I don't want to do that.  Did it once for TV and was
>>   very dissatisfied))
> Check out http://comcastoffers.com for cheap promos.  If you don't want
> to pay for a (subsidized) modem, they can be had on Craigslist.
>> - Hughes.net for satellite connection
>> - BlueSky.net for satellite connection
> Slow downlink, very slow uplink, high latency, expensive.  And did I
> mention the high laten--oh, right, just saw it in the laggy echoback.
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