[FoRK] Satellite Internet Service

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Mar 17 11:22:05 PDT 2009

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> ...
>> I can't live where I don't have broadband.  I have a hard time even 
> What this planet needs is Internet from the skies via a LEO sat constellation.
Yes, Exactly.  In fact, that is probably a fine project for the 
commercial space ventures + NASA + a portion of basic foreign aid / 
education / outreach.  I think we're in a lull created by oligopolies 
(cell, cable, ILECs, satellite TV), innovator dilemma local minima of 
those oligopolies, and a hangover from premature-technology debacles 
like Iridium.

Perhaps someone should have pitched military-grade surveillance cameras 
from LEOs along with some other easier to fund features and rolled in 
the Internet access.  Naming things well sometimes helps bring them to 
reality.  Outernet?  LEONet is too obvious and not catchy, beyond Leonet 
is an Outernet.  Spacenet?  SkyNet is already taken.  ;-)

Which reminds me...  I was at an AGI meetup last Sunday.  One of the 
guys there seemed to have been there to monitor AI to potentially be 
worried about, and what to do about it.  And I happened to wear my CIA 
tshirt...  He kept looking at it and shaking a little while we talked.  
Lol...  I think I was my own conspiracy theory.


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