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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 11:22:05AM -0700, Stephen Williams wrote:

> Yes, Exactly.  In fact, that is probably a fine project for the 
> commercial space ventures + NASA + a portion of basic foreign aid / 
> education / outreach.  I think we're in a lull created by oligopolies 
> (cell, cable, ILECs, satellite TV), innovator dilemma local minima of 
> those oligopolies, and a hangover from premature-technology debacles 
> like Iridium.

We need a very dense cloud of very small nodes and earth-side antennas
that can track something fast and faint with no movable parts (I guess
this makes it a phased array). This needs ephemerides Earth-side, so you 
could as well make the king kill GPS in one fell swoop. Signalling in
the sat cloud itself could well be optical.
> Perhaps someone should have pitched military-grade surveillance cameras

A few kUSD consumer camera would do dandy. You need a lot of cheap mass-produced
gear in a short-lived orbit (a few years).
> from LEOs along with some other easier to fund features and rolled in 
> the Internet access.  Naming things well sometimes helps bring them to 
> reality.  Outernet?  LEONet is too obvious and not catchy, beyond Leonet 
> is an Outernet.  Spacenet?  SkyNet is already taken.  ;-)
> Which reminds me...  I was at an AGI meetup last Sunday.  One of the 

The Ben Goerzel thing?

> guys there seemed to have been there to monitor AI to potentially be 
> worried about, and what to do about it.  And I happened to wear my CIA 
> tshirt...  He kept looking at it and shaking a little while we talked.  
> Lol...  I think I was my own conspiracy theory.

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